RPC Erector – An easier and more efficient way to erect RPCs

What are They?

The RPC Erector manufactured by Fibre King is a low cost, robust and compact machine that automates the erecting of IFCO RPCs. Manufactured in stainless steel the Erector is available with various options on the Infeed and Outfeed conveyors of the machine – we design and manufacture to suit your operation. Capable of erecting up to 20 RPCs per minute, an RPC Erector integrated into your operation requires one employee to operate the machine.

How Do They Work?

  • A stack of 30 unerect RPCs is manually loaded onto the Infeed Conveyor before moving into the magazine of the RPC Erector
  • Ejected one at a time from the magazine and into the erect station of the Erector, the long side of the RPC is opened first, followed by the ends, latching all corners
  • Once erect, the RPC is ejected from the machine, and the next RPC moves into position
  • Erect RPCs can then either:
    • Move onto an Outfeed Conveyor leading directly to packing lines
    • Move to a Stacker & Palletizer Unit that stacks erect RPCs to a pre determined height prior to palletizing them onto plastic pallets
  • An alarm will sound and a light will flash orange to alert staff to reload the RPC Erector Infeed Conveyor to ensure continuous activity.


  • Fast and efficient handling of automation reduces labor costs
  • Superior automation reduces risk of injury and healthier workers enhance productivity
  • Improved operations boost margins


  • Compact Footprint for Stand Alone Unit without Infeed and Outfeed Conveyors:
    • Height 72" x Length 83" x Width 66"
    • Weight - 2000lbs

Available Options

We design the final RPC Erector System to suit your operation in terms of space and handling techniques and:

  • Custom Infeed Conveyor System
  • Additional Outfeed Conveyor Sections
  • Stacker & Palletizer Unit
  • Full Line Integration

Success Stories

In Australia, there are currently 25 Fibre King RPC Erectors operating nationally. A number of these RPC Erectors have run over 10 million RPCs and are still going strong!

In the USA, we recently installed an RPC Erector System in one of Colorado's Onion Packing Sheds, Jensen Onions. Using approximately 750 000 IFCO RPCs per year, the system has been successfully running since August 2009, and the owner, Larry Jensen, is very happy:

"The machine is working well and I am very pleased with its performance. The percentage of RPCs I have had problems with is less than 1 in 1000".

One of Australia's largest fresh produce wholesaler's and pre packers has recently implemented a dual RPC Erector System, each with a Stacker & Palletizer Unit. The system erects up to 1,800 RPCs per hour, with erect RPCs stacked to up to 17 high prior to being palletized. Pallets of up to 102 erect RPCs are then transferred to various pack stations throughout the operation. This Centralised RPC Service Centre within their operation has been successful in reducing the labour required for manual handling of RPCs by up to four staff members.