Labeling Guide

Labeling Guide

Preparing RPC labels is as easy as 1-2-3!

If your company is already PTI-compliant, simply order RPC label stock from the list of qualified suppliers. The RPC labels' content and printing process are the same as for other case-level labels.

If your company has not yet implemented PTI labeling standards, follow the steps below to prepare your RPC labels. Any questions? Just contact your IFCO Account Manager.

Step 1: Order correct labels

Contact one of the RPC-qualified label suppliers, approved by the retailer to which you're shipping, and request adhesive 2x4” labels for RPCs. Labels should be made with synthetic face stock and water-soluble adhesive. PAPER LABELS AND LABELS WITH NON-APPROVED ADHESIVE ARE NOT APPROVED FOR USE WITH RPCS.

Step 2: Prepare PTI information

Label templates, guidelines, and other pertinent information are available at www.producetraceability.org.

Step 3: Print and apply labels to RPCs

Place label on the bottom left hand corner of the short side of the RPC.