PTI Requirements

Standard PTI

RPC labels follow the same Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) standards as all other produce labels.

For more information on PTI, visit www.producetraceability.org or download the information sheets below:

Kim's test

Size and Material:Labels are to be 4x2" in size and must be made of synthetic or coated face stock to perform in wet conditions, with a water soluble, FDA Approved Food Grade adhesive, which should release at 140F water temperature. Conventional products use white labels; organics use yellow labels.
Data Components:The 4x2" standard RPC Label has all the components required by the Produce Traceability Initiative's (PTI) Case Level Best Practices and most major grocery retailers.
Placement:Labels should be placed on the short wall of the RPC, to the left of the hand hole. Pallets should be stacked so that all labels face outward.
Commodity and Variety:Commodity and variety should be abbreviated if necessary to fit one line of text in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, 24pt Arial Bold font.
Pack/Weight and Grade:Pack/weight information would reflect item size and quantity and appear in 16pt Arial Bold font. Include Grade (if appropriate) on the same line.
Country of Origin:Country of Origin should appear in the format "Product of ____" in 16pt Arial Bold font.
Pack/Sell By Date:Use either the pack or sell by date (depending on retailer requirement) and include a header noting which date is used, in 10pt Arial font. Date should appear in the format "Jan5", "Oct17", etc. in 19pt Arial Bold font.
Regulatory Data:Include any additional information as required by regulatory bodies in one of the Optional Data sections.
Name and Address:The name and address of the party responsible for distribution of the product should appear in 10pt Arial Bold font.
GS1-128 barcode:Companies who are PTI compliant would include GS1-128 barcode (9.86 x dimension 10X (.01)) and voice-pick code (12 and 36pt Arial font). Companies who are not yet PTI compliant should leave these areas blank.
Batch/Lot Number:The Batch/Lot Number should appear below the barcode along with the GTIN.
GTIN:The GTIN should appear directly below the barcode. Serial numbers should not be used in place of GTINs.